Birds in New Jersey 2014

4 July 2014. We try a suet feeder for the first time


Little Downy Woodpecker likes the suet!


It starts to rain. One house sparrow.












The battles for the feeder ports begin. Hunger Games.


Don't make waffles AND watch birds at the same time. This is what happened to the last waffle.


5 July 2014. On the internet it says if you put a "halo" around a birdfeeder, it will drastically reduce the number
of house sparrows. We want to see more finches, woodpeckers, chickadees, and other birds, but the house sparrows
are very aggressive and hog the feeders. We try to make some halos. They look just as slick as any factory-made halo....
well, maybe not. This blue jay sees the suet feeder, complete with house-sparrow-repelling halo.


Eating in peace. No house sparrows!


No house sparrows.


No house sparrows. The feeder has been filled with a mix of seeds that finches like.


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