Birds in New Jersey 2014

Mostly birds, November 2014

14 November, at FDU: a white goose joins a flock of Canada geese


17 November, at FDU: masses of seagulls land on the cold, wet grass of a playing field.
This is wildlife, New Jersey-style: seagulls that don't live at the beach, and Canada geese that don't migrate any more.


25 November 2014: a red-bellied woodpecker stops for a snack


Squirrel manages to spill a lot of birdseed, but still can't find a way into the feeder


Native east coast sparrow, the song sparrow


Never Give Up


I put out peanuts, and the squirrels found them


In the neighbour's yard behind our yard, a group of five young deer hung out.


A failed experiment: put birdseed on a long board so the birds can.... nope, the squirrels took over the board.


Some mysterious holes appeared. Squirrels, digging up stored nuts? Chipmunks? I never found out who made the holes.


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