Birds in New Jersey 2015

23 October 2015 - Our winter birds appear

The rarely seen Eastern Plush Cardinal



So tame it will eat out of your hand


Why I use a telephoto lens

Quick... what's that little bird? With a regular 55 mm lens, it's just a blur.



Telephoto lens (250 mm) attached, we're ready.

Our winter visitors return

First sighting of a dark-eyed junco. Welcome back!




Our winter visitors return!

Is that a white-throated sparrow?


Indeed, it's our winter friend, the white-throated sparrow.



Year-round visitor to the water bowls




Early evening bathers.... can you find the six robins in this picture?




The bluejays and the cardinals like the water in this deeper container




December - a little female downy woodpecker >>




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