Birds in New Jersey 2016

16 January 2016 - Peanut Thieves

Who likes peanuts? Everybody! In this video you can see eleven birds stop
and check out the peanut supply. Blue jay; nuthatch; titmouse; another titmouse;
two more blue jays; a house sparrow; another titmouse; a red bellied woodpecker;
another nuthatch; another red bellied woodpecker.

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The usual suspects, all caught in the act - fourteen of them.

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23 January 2016 - Snowstorm

The snow never let up -- the last measurement, around 6 p.m., showed a depth of about 19 inches (48 cm),
and the snow was still steadily falling.


The backyard was full of dark-eyed juncos. Here, from left to right: white-throated sparrow, dark eyed junco, male
northern cardinal, dark-eyed junco, song sparrow. Also seen and heard, but not photographed: goldfinches,
house finches, a blue jay, and a robin. Not seen and not heard: chickadees.



Two mourning doves and a female northern cardinal. Can two juncos share a feeder at the same time?






The white-throated sparrow, on the left, is kicking up the snow to look for seeds. On the right, a male house sparrow.



After hours of just birds, finally a lone squirrel appeared. A female cardinal takes flight.



Clinging to a suet feeder: tufted titmouse. Munching on a block of suet shoved into a snowbank: dark-eyed junco.



The juncos' keen interest in suet led to a few of them imitating the titmouse. Here is a junco, clinging to the suet feeder
and eating upside down.



A small tawny bird appeared: a Carolina Wren




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