Saturday, 15 December 2018
Backyard visitors in the rain

The first round of treats included blanched shelled peanuts and dog kibble. After that disappeared (thanks to many titmice and bluejays), a second serving was put out of dog kibble, a favourite of the blue jays.

The contest here is "How many kibbles can you hork down in one visit?" The maximum was six.

No slouches when it comes to stuffing themselves: goldfinches in the rain

A female cardinal considered the kibble, and then clearly wondered, "How can they eat this stuff?"

Hairy woodpecker chowing down on suet

Meanwhile, back at the kibble station....

Artistic black and white water droplet photograph

A new visitor: a starling

Like the bluejay, the starling gets a nugget of food...

... and, lacking any teeth for chewing...

... gulps it down whole.

One blue jay makes a noisy announcement. Maybe it means, "Here's food."





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