Monday, 4 March 2019
A few videos from a snowy day


Great to see a few native sparrows: song sparrow and white-throated sparrow.
After the song sparrow, two juncos appear. Then a white-throated sparrow; then a blue jay and a bunch of house sparrows.
A squirrel settles in for a good munch on sunflower seeds.


Intended for woodpeckers, two starlings have been exploring this nest box in our backyard.
Camera: Canon Powershot SX730


A redwing blackbird appears around 00:25; then a brown-headed cowbird. Shortly after a female redwing blackbird appears around 00:35.
By 1:16 there have been several more blackbirds, two cowbirds and a mourning dove. Soon after there is a starling and blue jay, then a squirrel.
Around 2:23 there are grackles joining the meal.
By 3:02 there are grackles, redwing blackbirds, starlings, house sparrows and brown headed cowbirds. This is an excerpt of a 20 minute video.


At first it's starlings, then a blue jay or two. At around 4:38 a different crew arrive: junco, female cardinal, and white-throated sparrow.
Didn't want the images to be too dark, but overcompensated, and they're a bit washed out.














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