18 January 2020 (Saturday)
-- videos down below the photos --

Snow. At first it comes down rapidly. A male downy woodpecker seeks protection - and food - under a metal suet feeder shaped like a house.


Male northern cardinal checking out the feeder above

On the feeder above: chickadee

On the right: female northern cardinal. On the left: male northern cardinal and dark-eyed junco.

At times house sparrows (HOSP) seem like locusts. You can't keep them off the feeders, and they crowd out indigenous species. Female HOSP on the left, with a chickadee.

After a very long absence, saw a goldfinch.




===== 18 January 2020 - snowstorm - male downy woodpecker feeds upside down (no sound)




======= 18 January 2020 - Northern cardinal tries to shoo off pesky house sparrows. Never heard it shriek like this before.




====== 18 January 2020 - Male northern cardinal fights a losing battle for possession of the feeder



===== 18 January 2020 - Feeder in the snow - junco, chickadee, female cardinal, female house finch



===== Left the camera running unattended, and when I returned, saw a redwinged blackbird.
In this ten minute clip, there is a male cardinal, junco, house sparrows, female cardinal, white-throated sparrow, and redwinged blackbird. A few times there was a goldfinch, but I don't think any were caught on video.






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