Backyard birds 2021

3 May 2021: A blue jay takes a bath.

3 May 2021: A trip to Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. Osprey nests.


In the state park: a catbird

Egret in flight

Seen at the shore

Seen at the shore

Seen at the shore

Seen at the shore

13 May 2021 - A young redwinged blackbird at Overpeck County Park in northern New Jersey.

Young = white shoulder stripe

Male house sparrow, NOT in a parking lot or at an outdoor cafe table

15 May 2021 - A rare backyard visitor: rose-breasted grosbeak.
It seems to look at the resident mourning dove and ask, "So, what's the pose I should take?"

This pose.

20 May - two familiar birds: robin and house sparrow

It's spring, so here come the babies. A fledged starling...

...with a parent.

A flash of bright yellow: a male goldfinch


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