Birds in New Jersey 2014

23 August 2014

House finch spots another bird on the same feeder.


It's a beautiful tufted titmouse.


Being a bird, the house finch has to show who is the ruler of the feeder. Pecking order!


The titmouse seems to like peanuts, so some peanuts are added to the top of the sunflower seed feeder.


Two titmice


A juvenile house sparrow.


24 August 2014

Sunny backyard, feeders at the ready.


The grackles return.


Two goldfinches play "mirror."


25 August 2014

A juvenile mourning dove. Note the short tail.


Juvenile mourning dove on the left, adult on the right.


Suddenly, the back yard is very very quiet. I look out and see the reason. A cat.

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