Birds in New Jersey 2014

3 October 2014 - Backyard birds

A mourning dove takes a drink, then takes flight


4 October 2014

Life at the house sparrow feeder: a house finch waits up top, and a tufted titmouse waits on the pole, while the house sparrows
dominate the feeder.


10 October 2014

Every day a blue jay comes for a drink. First you hear its loud squawk, then it sails across the yard a few times, and then finally
it lands, has a quick drink, and takes off. One day I saw it splash around in one of the bird baths, but it's quite camera shy.


Familiar scene, as the house sparrows fend off other birds


Every day around dusk, the northern cardinals arrive. Here is the female (pink/orange beak).


And the male northern cardinal


11 October 2014

Pale pink beak: is it a juvenile or an adult female northern cardinal?


Another bird that has started appearing every day: the white-breasted nuthatch


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