Birds in New Jersey 2016

24 January 2016 - Finch wars

They're tiny little birds, 27g max each (one ounce), and they fight like crazy at the birdfeeder.

These are stills from a movie, uploaded to YouTube (the link is here >> )



This is MY feeder!


All the other finches try to avoid Mrs. Pushy by all getting together on the opposite side of the feeder.


The female starts to let the male know that he better get lost.


Two males fight.


The winner has to take on the strong female.


He's pushed right off the feeder, and flies away.


This male resists. The fight is on.

Who will win this time?


She shoves him below the perch.


Scram! But, once again, a male fights back.


He doesn't give up easily. The fight takes to the air.


Another aerial battle, with another female.


The dominant female takes on two males.


There's one.


Will she (on the left) allow another finch to eat?


No! The competition has to go!


There goes the male.


And, for good measure, she chases off the female, too.



The YouTube video: Finch wars! >>



More photos >>




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