Birds in New Jersey 2016

4 May 2016

Species number 34 seen in our backyard: Red-breasted Grosbeak!
It appeared just one day in May. It visited the sunflower seed feeder, as well.


5 May 2016
Species number 35 seen in our backyard: Hairy Woodpecker!


5 May 2016: Inside the second house sparrow nestbox: hungry baby house sparrows

One egg did not hatch

Later, a much larger brown bird was in the nest, undisturbed by the camera: the mother house sparrow


4 May 2016: House Wren outside a second nest box, in the back yard. House wrens build "decoy" nests near their real nests.

5 May 2016: Meanwhile, inside the house wren nest box, new feathers have been added

A tiny house wren egg -- the first one. It's about the same diameter as a dime.

In the first house sparrow nest box in the back yard, four eggs

At the sunflower seed and peanut feeders, a lot of house sparrows.

A female house sparrow makes off with a prized peanut.

A little female downy woodpecker gets a peanut

The regulars...


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